Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Religion again

Karl Marx once said (or something close) that "Religion is the Opiate of the People". To give you an idea of how stupid religion is, besides that they cause the most wars and deaths of any world cause, look at the 600 dead in Pakistan due to the heat wave.

Did you know that the Muslim religion is so backward that during Ramadan (now), people are not ALLOWED to drink water during the day, besides not being allowed to eat.  No Imam has the balls to waive this and tell people that you need to hydrate during triple digit heat...

My favorite word: pathetic. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Confederate Flag

Ok people, read carefully to the END before you rant and rave. 

The confederate battle flag is a legitimate symbol of the south in the civil war. The CAUSE of the war is no longer valid in intelligent people, and has been hijacked by racists, white supremacists, and other brain dead screamers. 

For those reasons, it should be relegated to museums, just like history of religious wars. Remember, if we do not study history, we are doomed to repeat it. But then again, many kids no longer study history anyway. Sad. 

The Confederate Battle Flag should no longer be flown anywhere. I don't think i've ever read an intelligent comment supporting it's flying. Like the texas governor's pandering to the lunatic right by sending the national guard to watch over an army exercise. Truly truly sad and pathetic. First world?

Friday, June 19, 2015

the National Rifle Association NRA

Duh? Now i remember what i was going to say. The story of the shooting in South Carolina simply reinforces my opinion that the National Rifle Association is one of the most destructive organizations in the entire country. If we continue to let them rule congress and the governments of the brain dead south (and many more states), the United States is doomed as a first world country. 

We must reduce the number of guns in this country. Why the NRA needs semi-automatic and automatic weapons, most of which get stolen from gun-nuts, is beyond me. We must control ownership, and make sure that demented (most people) and criminal elements cannot obtain guns. 

Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic and Hello Again...

I have not written in months, because i am so fed up with SF that i have spent my time planning my departure from a city where tenants and landlords, bicyclists and drivers, pedestrians and drivers, techies and long term residents, are in the most hateful and hate-fueled relationship i have ever witnessed in my (relatively small) world travels. 

Fueled by the disrespect and inability to compromise in the Board of Stups, the city will slowly crumble. I'm not even sure what to call this post, maybe "hello again." 

The BOS refuses to address the worst problems in the city, and resorts to "rearranging deck chairs."  If you've ever read a lot of political history, you know i am referring to the sinking of the Titanic. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cordileone: The reincarnation of Gregory IX

Sent to the Chron: The Chronicle's editorial on Archbishop Cordileone’s pathetic attempt at forcing medieval theology on 21st century catholic teachers (Wrong city, wrong century, February 5) is very timely. However, your attempt to exonerate the current boss man in the Vatican ( “…forward thinking Pope...” )  is way off the mark.

There is no way on God’s green earth that the Pope does not condone Cordileone’s edicts. The Pope has absolute control over his underlings, what they say, and where they are assigned. If Francis had any qualms about what the reincarnation of Gregory IX was doing in this diocese, Salvatore would be history.

The Pope’s retention of Cordileone is absolute proof that the Catholic church is still mired in the 13th Century and has zero intention of ever modernizing. How anyone continues to support the Catholic church is beyond my comprehension. And I guess I’m going straight to hell too.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Democracy ???

Thinking about Thailand's former PM Shinawatra's statement that " Thai democracy has died...."  (Chron Jan 23, 2015)

Then i think about the struggling middle class in the US, the 99%'s dwindling piece of the economic pie, the corporate and union ownership of Washington, the inability of intelligent voters to get rid of the stagnant politicians in many city state and federal governments, the inability of many cultures to rise above the slow disintegration of their lives, the ineffectual billions spent on studies to kick problems down the road, the lack of initiative to really face problems, the political correctness which denigrates anyone's ability to make people responsible for their own actions.

I think of what a close friend says, "Democracy is overrated.." 

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Disintegration of the Muslim world / the blame game

Great, fantastic. In an article in the NYT, many "muslim scholars" are now blaming the religion's propensity for extremism and violence on being “...just a veneer for anger at the dysfunctional Arab states left behind by colonial powers..." , meaning that old white men in the early 1900's are responsible for muslim extremists killing people today. It's like the African American community's continuing disintegration being blamed on white people from the early 1900's. It's like politicians blaming everything on politicians before them when their corruption causes cities to go bankrupt and fall apart. As Friedman pointed out in "The World is Flat," Korea and Hewlett Packard each create more patents in a week than the Arab world created in 20 years, and it's the fault of white men ???


Why in the world do people blame someone else for their own problems ???   Well, duh... Because they are too weak to take responsibility for their own failings. COME ON, world, own up, dude. Why do we let these weak-brained lunatics back into the country after they go to the middle east ??

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Code "Requirements" on new buildings in SF

oops, forgot one more, sent to supervisors:

The Potrero View's article on David Chiu's legislation (concerning the requirement for solar on new buildings) didn't say if new small residential buildings were included, but it is one reason why SF is so expensive, more REQUIREMENTS. It already would cost me $6000 to remove and replace my diseased street trees and my new $10k ($2k for paperwork alone) fifteen foot retaining wall is stronger than my whole house foundation.
Please stop putting more "Requirements" on housing. Of course, the plan may have been just campaigning.  INCENTIVES ARE GOOD, REQUIREMENTS ARE STUPID..
I'm 71, resident 40 yrs, this house owner for 30, already have solar PV and solar hot water (2010). 

Annual summary of our little financial disaster

and just for the hell of it, how about a annual summary:

When will US corporations finally realize that not paying a good salary to useful employees will bankrupt the middle class, without whom they would have no one to sell to ???

When will most US organizations finally realize that unless you streamline the organizations, both public and private, eventually they will disintegrate of their own bloat, bankrupting the cities, states, and even the US gummint ???

When will the gummint realize that unless you streamline, the fees and taxes will eventually bankrupt the citizens ???  You can't be the employer of last resort. You can't give away the store in fat times to unions or corporations without dire financial problems in lean times ????

When will all the gummints realize you can't give away to the store to corporations or unions, that eventually you will bankrupt cities, states, etc (am i a broken record?) ???

I am reminded of the lunatics buying gas guzzling trucks and suv's in this time of cheap gas, because, PEOPLE, IT AIN'T GONNA CONTINUE...

Happy new year...  (i resolve to be less cynical next year, but, of course, that ain't gonna happen either...)

The Interview, North Korea, Sony, and the world

The "Interview."  yeah, one last happy new year... You couldn't make this up...

One wonders who is the dumbest, the North Koreans, Sony, movie goers, or the Media. 

Why would the North Koreans expose their abilities to try to cripple a Japanese (ain't even 'mercan) movie that is obviously destined to die a quiet horrible movie death??  

Why would Sony put on such a stupid pic? Frankly, i'm cynical enough to believe that whole thing was engineered in the Sony marketing department. They are obviously going to make far more in revenue than if they had just released the bomb..

Why would anyone even want to see this?  Surely, i can't believe anyone would see this out of a first amendment concern. And, of course, the media, who hyped the whole thing, even got the Pres to weigh in. Did Sony pay them by promising big ads for the movie??

Ludicrous...  By the way, i hope nobody reading this actually thinks the internet is secure and their info private ????

Ferguson Missouri, Police, and the Black community

I've tried to avoid the subject because anyone that disagrees with me will call me a racist. Not only do "Black Lives Matter," but, remember, "ALL Lives Matter." 

I do not disagree that Police forces across the country have a problem dealing with the African American community. My high school was 1/4 mile from Ferguson Missouri. I have lived and revisited (after a 40 year absence) my home town. The blacks in St. Louis and St. Louis County are victims of over 80 mostly tiny municipal police forces whose primary duty is to extract money from all residents (see Washington Post 9/3/2014 and following), and of course it falls mostly on poor blacks. The rural south of the 60's lives on even today in St. Louis County. To understand how pathetic the situation is, one only has to think what a European thinks about the United States, reading about a black man like Eric Garner who is killed by white police for selling cigarettes ???

The other viewpoint is that the black community has a problem too. Always remember there are TWO sides to every problem. I believe the most eloquent quote is from Brian Willingham, church pastor and black police officer in Flint MI, quoted in the NY Times, "I now realize that we who consider ourselves leaders in the black community can't just be against racism. We have to also be against a portion of black culture that has become increasingly anti-authority and antisocial to a point of self-destruction. This is an enemy we've yet to engage in the balck community . But it's a conversation i think we're forced to have now." 

It doesn't help that the police and politicians are so intimidated that they allow anarchists and vandals to hijack and distort the huge majority of legitimate protests.

Sometimes i feel the entire culture of the United States is slowly disintegrating before our eyes, and we don't do anything about it. God help us, most people don't even vote. PS that's a generic god, not a christian or muslim shia or shiite or whatever.  

Transportation - BART and High Speed Rail

Time to round out the year with a couple more CCOWM observations about our screwed up city and state. 

How about an easy one. BART. They want to build a second tube under the bay, which nobody can afford anyway, like the big fast train, which, if i'm lucky, may complete 3 or 4 miles in the central valley before i die. 

How about BART just spend a fraction of whatever (which nobody will even guesstimate) to upgrade the signal systems, and reduce the interval between trains (omg, omg, too dangerous) ????  Maybe build a few more crossovers for the "maintenance" ??   Maybe if the unions did their work correctly, they wouldn't need so much maintenance??

Like the hi spd rail, which could spend a fraction of the money to upgrade existing track and signals and build a few more bypass sidings. Then the passenger trains could go 80 mph instead of the 31 mph now (381 miles / 12 hours - do the f*ng math), maybe fewer stops. Pathetic. 

CCOWM = cynical, cranky, old white man

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Definition of double parking autos (not trucks)

Double Parking your car says " i am too important and my time is too valuable to worry about looking for a parking space, so i can be inconsiderate and inconvenience you."

Typical san francisco, like new york in the 60's.. pathetic and depressing. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

AirBNB / Hotels and Uber-Lyft / taxis

While I'm here, I thought i'd add a note about AirBNB and hotels and Uber/Lyft and taxis. 

The problem with legislating against these kids is that nobody is addressing what spawned these apps (nor do they have the ability to affect anything anyway). 

AirBNB would not exist were it not for a huge disconnect between what travelers can afford or want to pay and what hotels and motels charge. Frankly i'd rather stay in someone's home rather than an overpriced fee-you-to-death hotel. On potrero hill, home of dozens or hundreds of listings, i have no problem with all the nice folks wheeling their luggage around here. I see a dozen a week. No problem at all. Note that hotels survive mostly on biz travelers, did you see a few weeks ago that most hotel dining rooms are disappearing because of inflated costs??  It's the economy, stupid. And the disappearing middle class, Mr. Reich, but don't get me started. 

And if the taxis would service the neighborhoods instead of all hiding downtown looking for airport rides, Uber / Lyft / etc would never have gotten off the ground. You cannot find a free taxi in the 'hoods. I don't even have to write any more there. I think there should be some regulation about insurance, but "training" ???  That's smokescreen b**ls**t. Another worthless association or union screwing things up. 

Voter ID agendas

As is true of much of politics these days, the argument over “Voter ID” (Sunday Chron, 10/19) is the wrong argument, hiding the agendas of the Liberals and the Conservatives.

Noone can argue with the need for positive identification. Virtually all financial transactions today require it. Why should anyone be able to exercise our precious right to vote, without proving you are whose ballot you are voting ?

The problem is that some conservatives are hijacking the legitimate attempt at identification to create barriers to legitimate voting. Liberals are trying to make the registration process so simple that any lazy lunatic can sign up to vote. Thus the politicians are ignoring any compromise that might put in place legitimate ID processes but yet protect the right to vote. Typical.  

Getting an “Official ID Card” to prove who you are is usually a fairly simple process requiring a certain amount of personal responsibility. Yes, it might be more difficult for some minorities. But it only needs to be done once.

There should be some ID requirement to make an effort to register and vote.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Showers for the Homeless, another money pit ????

I go in spurts. Mostly because nobody really reads it, but then when i don't post, people don't vist...   oh well, this got me goin this am....

   I can't be the only one who was perplexed by the "showers" story in this am's Chron (Oct 1, Shower Buses for the Homeless). Doniece (director) raves about 625 showers since July. My engineer brain sees 7 showers a day, or 10 if you figure only five days a week. That's about an hour per ???  Now she is looking for $900k for next year. 

    My showers are usually 10 min max (remember we're in a drought). Allowing 20 min in a stall still gives 3 an hour, or 30 for ten hours. 5 days a week gives 150 (7 days gives 210) per WEEK, not per month. Clean up can't take more than a few minutes if you are efficient. Another bus would definitely help, location wise, but five buses makes NO sense financially if the utilization is absurd. 

    First, before expanding, MAKE THE UTILIZATION WORK. Their must be some of the customers smart enough to hire /volunteer as staff to expand available hours, it's ludicrous to let the bus sit empty for no staff, makes no sense. The customers must bear some responsibility to make the system work efficiently and smoothly. 

    Otherwise, you just have another "feel-good" money pit for city funding or a very poor use of charitable funds. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

I did NOT make this up, it's YOUR FOOD

If you want to know what you are eating.  I noticed that buried deep in the newspaper (print version) this am (aug 4, 2014), the news was that "Two workers at Pharmachem Laboratories in NJ were injured Saturday night when a vat exploded, rattling windows a mile away. They were cooking up a new batch of a widely used Eggnog flavoring."

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Vatican and Cordileone

The Vatican's continued retention and support of Archbishop Cordileone, whose diocese should be Wichita or Mississippi, is continued proof of the slap in the face and hatred which the Vatican has for the entire GLBT community. Sadly, only 3/4 of my Catholic friends realize this and abandoned Catholicism. It's like the pathetic support of the Log Cabin Club for Republicans.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Iraq, Vietnam, and the US Government

I should try not to be too cynical today. It's only two weeks after memorial day, and all i can think of are the young men and women who died or were maimed in Iraq for the betterment of democracy and to allow the Iraqi's to be able to choose for themselves and protect themselves.

As we learned in Vietnam (or rather, should have learned), was that when a people are divided either by ideology (communism vs dictatorship) or religion (shia vs sunni), no amount of outside pressure will make the two whole.  It is argued ad nauseum that we should have stayed in Iraq until the job was finished, probably impossible as we did learn in vietnam, or "bring the boys (and girls) home..." and get the f**k out..."   There is nothing else i can say that isn't cynical so i will shut up.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why San Franciscans hate each other

i noted in the Worldcrunch that 71% of Russians dislike the US. The russian government did it. 

Now i know why San Franciscans dislike each other. The SF Administration and Board of Supervisors have constantly denigrated drivers to pedestrians and drivers to bicyclists and the SFMTA blames everyone else. 

No wonder our streets are war zones. No wonder drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists are so arrogant and inconsiderate, their gummint tells them to dislike each other.....a bit of a stretch, but it's correct..

<<71%.......A Russian poll conducted last month suggests 71% of Russians have negative feelings towards the U.S., the highest figure since such polls started in 1990.>>

Thursday, May 29, 2014

City "FEES" and Dealing with SF Dept of Bldg Inspecition

I needed to replace my 4' high by 20' backyard retaining wall. By the time i got done ($12k), i had a $1000 design that is heavier than my building foundation and a DBI permit that ran $900. Oh right, to park the trucks with a permit was an extra $250. If the DBI shuts down my project or says my rebar is an inch short, i feel like (**censored**). A friend built a new fence and the City made him redo it cuz it was 6" too high. My auto mechanic had his city "fees" and "taxes" go from $4k to $14k. And the contractor was less than the average bid.

I pity anyone trying to do business in this pathetic town. Maybe we should do what St. Louis does, let speed trap tickets pay for all the corrupt city administration, like the good ol' boy cities in the rural south in the 1960's. The city is "fee-ing" us to death. Potrero Hill almost got 1000 new parking meters this year. The politicians haven't a clue what is going on, they pass anything the city shoves under their noses. 

My plan is now to sell my business and house maintenance money pit (as bad as a sailboat) and move out of state. It's gonna take a year or two to disengage, but it's 80% certain. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Elected vs Appointed Interim Politicians

Supervisor Avalos is calling for voters to decide on interim appointments, ignoring the cost and the absurdly low turnout on “special” and “runoff” elections. He obviously assumes that once in office, the “incumbent” is immune to being voted out of office.

When you consider this in conjunction with the close race involving a convicted shoplifter, the absurd influence of PACS, slate cards, and 30 second robo calls, you begin to wonder if the average voter ever thinks for him or herself. If, of course, he or she even bothers to vote. 

When you think about it, even “term limits” are an admission that the average voter can not think for themselves.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Parking (redux) and SF new bldg Parking Ratios

One need only turn to Pender's column (Chron 11 May) about apps and paying for parking spaces to understand that parking in San Francisco is totally out of whack.

A large part of the problem is the abject failure of the restriction on parking in new buildings to less than one space per unit. Most owners of million dollar condos will have more than one car. Young couples with kids will put up with it, but with an early exit strategy to Marin or the Peninsula.

This is leading to the further deterioration of SF neighborhoods, where street parking is now a joke. Car break-ins and vandalism are “non-violent” crimes, with very little attention from the SFPD or DA. When an offender is caught, they are already on probation, rarely jailed.  

Something has to be done. We are already the second densest city in the country. As an employee at a local business told me today, commuting from the Richmond to Potrero Hill is impossible on Muni, and she is afraid to ride at night, so she drives. I gave up my driving volunteer work and half my clients in the city.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Facebook (Farcebook) and Rejection ???

OMG, OMG, another study:

<<  A study by a team of researchers from the University of Queensland's psychology school found that people who are ignored on Facebook can feel rejected and have a lower self-esteem.  >>

Where does that put me ??   I "inactivated" my facebook account after it spammed my email, and NOBODY NOTICED FOR FOUR MONTHS. A long lost cousin finally found me on linkedin, so i "reactivated" the farcebook. Only two people noticed that. 

First, you really can't "delete" your account, many links will "reactivate" it without your realization. Sneaky bastards. Second, full disclosure, at age 70, there ain't that many contemporaries there. Facebook is mostly for kids, although i read one newspaper report (real paper) several months ago that said many kids are abandoning farcebook for different platforms because too many of their parents are on there watching. 

The other scary thing is why we are raising kids to have so little self-esteem that they measure themselves by FARCEBOOK ???  PATHETIC. Maybe if parents taught their kids self-esteem, self-respect and respect for other people, we'd need fewer studies, fewer psychiatrists, and have fewer shootings. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

A new Police Chief for pathetic Oakland

Finally getting around to responding to Chip Johnson's (chron 5/2) excellent column on the next Oakland Police Chief. 

Let me get this straight, Sean Whent, the acting chief, "... plays by the rules; doesn't show favoritism or try to buddy up with the rank and file; eschews political gatherings (politicians think we measure their importance by the number of underlings on overtime lined up behind them), wants to be effective, not popular; and follows, and objectively enforces, department policies."

A no-brainer, right. AH BUT WAIT. He is not under the control of the police union or the department cliques, doesn't act like a politician, and probably won't be a patsy for the pathetic lunatics currently running Oakland. 

He is f**king doomed, as Oakland officials "interview" someone more to their liking.  HAS NOT GOT A PRAYER.

Chip, how do you continue writing about the right way to run Oakland, don't you ever feel frustrated in your quixotic quest for effective administration ?? 

NEWS FLASH:  14 MAY 2014  Mayor Quan (no comment) will actually listen to reason and NAME Whent the new chief. OMG OMG...

Lucas v. the Trust

Another thought i had a few weeks ago, thinking about the Lucas / Presidio contretemps. 

The whole thing strikes me as a bunch of rich egotistical kids. One side is the kid with the beautiful toys who wants a building that HE wants, WHERE he wants it. On the other side another group of rich kids with their toy (the Presidio Trust) and they want the rules that THEY wrote, not what anyone else wants. They tried to do the same thing with Fisher and see what happened. Frankly, the Fisher will do better at SFMOMA. This museum would do much better in the Presidio, with more kid appeal. 

In my viewpoint, Chrissy should have as few buildings as possible. It’s GREEN, people, deal with it. Tear down sports basement and leave it open space. There will be very little “walk-in” traffic to a museum on the Field, so why must it be there. Frankly, there will be more traffic to a building on Main Post and better parking. Maybe Lucas just wants eyeballs on his building. On that subject, but the architecture looks sorta boring, a bit like the old De Young replaced with something fantastic.   

State Budget Prop 30 Tax Revenue

Mark Leno wants to extend the Prop 30 Tax increases. Jerry Brown wants to let them expire. As much as i detest more taxes, having lived with the increases for two years, why don't Jerry and Mark sit down and work out a compromise somewhere in the middle (gee, what a novel idea, compromise)...  

There is so much c**p in the state, city, and federal budget, and so many brain-dead gummint workers and politicians trying to spend more money to buy voters, sometimes i think the tea party and paul ryan have a good idea

The Cell Phone Kill Switch

Time for a few more CCOWM rants. This one is my latest frustration about the Cell Phone Kill Switch mess in the California State Legislature. Generally, this is a no-brainer, but obviously, the corporate owners of the legislature proved their continuing power. Maybe it will finally be passed, but it just shows the CORRUPT AND IMMORAL CORPORATE AMERICA AND AMERICAN POLITICS. I plan on using my newest expression at the end of most of my posts, "....another nail."  This means "... another nail in the coffin of my dwindling respect and commitment to the city of San Francisco and California, and my ever-increasing research to find a better place to live. At 71, i ain't gonna put up with a whole lot more bulls**t.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Network TV news

David (Weigand, SF Chron)
  always liked your stuff, particularly the stories of the annual intro's to new series. I forget the expression, my memory ain't what it usta be....

No matter what anyone says or "reports" about the growth of network news, all you really have to do is look at the demographics target of the advertising. 95% of the ads are either pharmaceuticals or cars for old people.

The aging boomers joining those of us at 70 are driving the growth in viewers, but no program will thrive or survive unless they make inroads into the middle age groups, upper 30's through 50's, and unless ads targeting those groups appear as advertisers, i will never believe "reports."   This joins my favorite bs from news, "A study released today....."....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Crossing Guards

As described in the March 4 Chron, I have always been a proponent of a School Crossing Guard Program to help kids learn how to safely cross the streets of San Francisco. The Guards could also teach kids how to wait when the crossing time gets below 6 or so. Unfortunately, many guards, the ones at the Bessie Carmichael Elementary School’s Folsom & 7th crossing come to mind, allow kids to enter the crosswalk when the number reaches 1 or 2.

This accomplishes two things. First it backs up traffic down 7th  for a block, because cars no longer have any time to turn right onto Folsom. This also teaches kids to have less consideration for drivers, which, as we know, has tragic consequences as they get older. Maybe it’s time for San Francisco to float a $10 billion bond issue and build pedestrian bridges at every intersection. Or SF could create four-way pedestrian crossings, such as Bush and Montgomery, although this just slows traffic further. Evidently, pedestrians and cars have great problems co-existing in this city. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014


In light of the study in today's chron about SF being the MOST UNEQUAL CITY IN THE US, this is an interesting story about Alexander the Great and how it relates to Inequality, particularly in brazil. i have taken the article in World Crunch from Folha de S. Paulo (full link below) and created a tinyurl. one of the more interesting paragraphs i have also quoted below.

i honestly do feel that without corporations in the US and the 1% doing more to strengthen the middle class, this country WILL descend into anarchy and revolution. Every revolution in the world today, although many are religiously affiliated, has very strong roots in lower vs upper classes. A study in this morning's SF paper notes SF has the highest "inequality" in the entire united states, and many of the protests and near-riots occurring in the city and in oakland these days are economically based. Thailand, Venezueala, India, the Black riots of the mid 1960's, the elections in north western South America, are all economically based.

from the article:
<<And so from an ethical point of view, what is wrong with inequality? Our ancient example reminds us that inequality is not bad in itself. What matters instead is the legitimacy of the process that may create it.

The justice — or lack thereof — of the end result depends on the means that brought us there. The crucial question therefore should be: Is the observed inequality essentially a reflection of the difference in talents, efforts and values, or is it the result of a game that was rigged to begin with. In other words, does the disparity come from a deep lack of equity in the initial conditions of life, of the deprivation of basic rights and/or of racial, sexual or religious discrimination? >>

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Traffic in SF

As i wrote to the overpaid "consultants" working for SFMTA's walking study:

"When an ignorant, inattentive or inconsiderate driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist meets an ignorant, inattentive or inconsiderate driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist, you get a tragic statistic, and it's usually not the driver.
Put another way, in traffic,
​either a pedestrian, bicyclist, or driver always has the "right of way." I would rather yield, even if I had the "right of way," than insist on it and be dead."

Friday, December 20, 2013

"Non Violent Crimes" like traffic tickets ?

I read with trepidation about District Attorney’s Gascon’s proposal to treat non-violent crimes as misdemeanors instead of felonies. The DA does not make it clear in Marisa Lagos’ December 20th Chron article about “Non Violent Crimes.” 

Does this mean that the criminals who are committing the ever increasing non-violent muggings in my Potrero Hill neighborhood, now approaching several a week, are treated like red light runners ???    Are the criminals who are smashing into cars in my neighborhood at the rate of a dozen a week to steal boxes of laundry or ipads or empty boxes treated like jaywalkers ???   His office already slaps their hands lightly anyway, as most of the criminals arrested by the Bayview District’s SFPD officers are already “on probation” and will be back out on the streets in hours. Scary…

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another reason the SF budget is out of whack

A letter written to the Board of Supervisors of SF: 

How many tens of thousands of dollars did the Dept of Public Health spend on keeping track of how many "smoke free rental units." As a two unit landlord, i just filled out another "compliance" survey. A real "feel good" law. How many consultants were hired to design the "program." ????   The SF budget is similar to Detroit...
good grief people, and i paid six bucks to park at a meter on hayes street yesterday for lunch, another nail in my "why stay in SF??" .
Lunacy, pathetic, scary

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Sports Death

I am saddened again by a senseless stabbing, resulting in one death and more ruined lives. (dodgers vs giants). What appalls me is that if one person in this altercation is really part of a sports security, was not he trained in confrontational management ???   Where was his training when this occurred. I hesitate to say this about a heartbroken father, but did he leave his training back in the bar ???   The whole episode is such a waste. 

Sorry, but i am reminded again of my philosophy of civilization in this world, if you teach your children self-respect, they are more likely to respect other human beings and possibly less likely about killing another.

the Republican Party

I am an Independent. I don't trust the democrats to do what's right all the time for the normal American or San Franciscans. I rarely trust the Republicans to do what's right. 

Now that virtually EVERY repub is beholden to the party line and usually the lunatic fringe (ie tea party), I can NEVER AGAIN vote for ANY repub, since they vote in lockstep, without consideration for reasonable compromise. Shame, they have some good ideas.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Firemen and ambulances

Would someone, ANYone, please explain to me, WHY, considering the SF Fire Department's problem with overtime, WHY do fire trucks accompany many ambulances for calls ??.   I've seen it happen to the old guy across the street on potrero hill.

And if there is a reason, maybe it's not important enough considering the poor state of the city's finances..  I can't get any politician to answer this question, and i've asked it before..

SF Pedestrians bicyclists & drivers

This written to London Breed, supervisor, who tweeted about the worst problem to bicyclists is other rude bicyclists:

    I understand your position, and i respect it, as I haven't always agreed with you. My unbiased philosophy on SF traffic is:

When an ignorant, inattentive or inconsiderate driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist meets an ignorant, inattentive or inconsiderate driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist, you get a tragic statistic, and it's usually not the driver.
Put another way, in traffic, one of a pedestrian, bicyclist, or driver and another always has the "right of way." I would rather yield, even if I had the "right of way," than insist on it and be dead. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Syrian disaster and the US Government

This is my take on the Syria mess. Near neighbor Saudia Arabia doesn’t want to punish Assad for using nerve gas in their civil war, but is willing to pay the United States to do it. Immediate neighbors Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon don’t want to get involved either. Iraq, which the US turned into a basket case, is in the middle of their own civil war. Israel won’t do anything, unwilling to risk retaliation unless the US goes first.

Britain’s government can’t convince its Parliament to get involved in another Mideast war, Germany is hiding, and France is just making noise waiting for the US. Half the US population is tired of war and doesn’t want another war where the most likely winners are Al-Qaeda or other religious extremists. So that makes the US government either dumb or mercenaries, neither of which is very attractive. Without better support, there is NO shame in changing our mind about “red lines.”

As many have said, lets worry about the home front, with almost a hundred million or more un- or under- employed, a fragile out-of-control financial system, not to mention a disappearing middle class and an untried health care system.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Corrupt Bangladesh and Wal-Mart

Ok, let me get this straight. All the big clothing retailers are getting together to help the poor textile workers in Bangladesh improve their lot in life. No wait, that's not what the "agreement" says. What they WILL do is pay to improve the buildings that the workers are forced to work in, even paying the owners to keep the buildings from collapsing and killing workers, bad for the image...  But, of course, the price of the crap the cheapskate american public buys will remain the same and the workers won't make a cent more. Wal-Mart has today even refused to pay to fix the buildings. And the american public buys this ??? Are we truly that stupid and complacent. And of course the american middle-class disappears in the process. God help us.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bullets instead of Stun Guns

Ah yes, and one final DARWIN from the 4/11 Chron to the activists of SF, who would rather see the mentally ill blown away with bullets instead of a stun gun. Let’s see, while some screaming nutcase is charging the cop with a machete, they want the cop (him or her) to figure out whether they are mentally ill or intoxicated, or elderly (what’s the cutoff to prevent a lawsuit), or wet, or too thin, or near traffic. I shake my head in bewilderment.

The North Korean baby and the US Senate and the Pres.

And simply a whole host of DARWINS (from 4/11) to first the fat freak in Pyongyang. Why not just cut off his caviar and champagne and bon-bons. He’d crumple REAL quick.   

Then of course there is the Senate of the United States, the most horrific pathetic bunch of freaks that has ever populated Washington DC. Don’t even want to require background checks for all the crazy lunatic white boys with clueless parents who want fully automatics with 50 shot magazines to blow away other white kids. Lets see what will happen when some of the white kids of old white men in Washington got blown away by more crazy white boys. Having thousands of black and Hispanic kids blown away of course has NO affect on the old white men in DC. TRULY PATHETIC. 


And might as well throw in a DARWIN to the Pres AND the Senate, who haven’t the collective guts to actually pare down the bloated government and, instead, furlough Air Controllers. I believer one paper called it the “White House's Operation Wreak Havoc response to the sequester spending cuts.” I’m ashamed of Barak, and I voted for him twice.